Jan. mid month community updates

mmupdateDear EFL Classroom members,

We hope everyone has had a great start to the 2016 school year. We are sure you are super busy and we’re here to help with a few mid month updates.

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1. Discrimination in ELT Survey.  I really like this survey and completing it will not only help our profession and a fellow teacher/researcher but it also offers great reflection. You might even share with advanced students and hear what they think!

Make sure to check out all the discussion on our LinkedIn group: ELT Professionals.

2. If I had a million dollars.  A classic song for teachers. Get the ppt and view the new video contextualized with gif images.

3. Guide to creating and inventing with technology in the classroom.  A superb free ebook for teachers.Also some other reference materials related to the “Maker Movement” in education.

4. Gif Lingua Beta.  I’m still working on this exciting new site. It now includes quizzes and tests for each of the 1,000s of books. Registered teachers can write their own books, create a page of favorites their students can access and also download epub/ppt versions of all books. Next step will be a full LMS so teachers can assign and track student reading and study. It’s still early but would appreciate teachers checking out the site and getting students to use it. You can send feedback to david@giflingua.com  Thanks in advance!

5. Prof. Development courses.   There is a new home for my courses. Right now, two courses available to teachers with more to come.  The popular Basic TESOL Certificate course and the free Zen and the Act of Teaching reflective writing course.  Read more here. 

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