The Present: A lesson plan

I discovered this short video through my PLN today and immediately knew I had to make a lesson plan for it. Thank you my FB teacher friends, it’s a gem.

the present2

The video is a simple story and here is my simple way to use it in class.

[Now get the new and improved lesson materials HERE]

1. Play the video and stop at 2:40. Ask the students what they think will happen next. Discuss.
[I like first just watching, enjoying a video together. Learning doesn’t have to be all work, no play. It’s great in most cases with short video, to let students first “have a go”, take an inductive teaching approach. Students appreciate this.]

2. Give students the sentence strips. Ask them to cut them up. In pairs/groups, ask the students to put them in order.

3. Watch the video again and students can check their answers/order. At the end, read the correct sequence as a class.

4. Students complete the one page worksheet. Take up the answers and share their simple sentence about what the video taught them.

Extension: Use this cartoon version. Have the students rewrite it or just read it.

Download the cartoon version Download the cartoon rewrite

Many different ways to use this in class – mine is just one of them! Enjoy this beautiful message. Ok, now time for me to get outside!

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7 Responses

  1. Maria Corlito says:

    Interesting lesson!!!

  2. Liana Kokkaliari says:

    Hello from Greece and thank you very much for your ideas and resources! I am going to use this film in my distance teaching lesson plan for 6th graders. Actually, I am working on it now. I was wondering how I could find or make a cartoon strip for the kids to write on. There you are, problem solved! Thank you very much again 🙂

  3. ddeubel says:

    You’re welcome! It really has a wonderful message for us all. Make sure to visit ELT Buzz Teaching Resources where I continue to create lesson materials for teachers.

  4. Pa says:

    what is the theme of the video?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why not just watch the video? It relates on many levels, many themes. Childhood learning. Bullying. Laziness. But mostly disability.

  6. Liana Kokkaliari says:

    Anonymous: Exactly! Just read the post, watch the video and think. I had a great online lesson + homework with the excellent lesson plan that DDeubel so kindly posted here. My students liked it very much, especially one of them, who tries to convince his parents to adopt a puppy! About the theme, I didn’t really think about laziness, disability etc. I mostly focused on hope, encouragement, love, sharing etc. A really inspiring lesson! I will surely repeat it next year and the year after next etc 🙂

  7. Eve Houck says:

    Great Idea ! with the comic strip. that is the first time I have heard of that.

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