Movie Trailer Listening

Movie trailers are stellar for listening. Short, well produced, clear lines of language being communicated.

Here is a quick lesson I put together based on a template I shared here previously for another movie trailer.  Intermediate and advanced students will love this lesson.  Don’t forget to visit our Video Lessons site for all the best lessons and materials for teaching with videos.  Also students can read and study the online book – Ghostbusters.

Lesson Delivery

  1. Play the full trailer and let students take it all in
  2. Provide the jigsaw and play. Students listen/watch again and try to put the lines in order.  (either number or they can cut them out and order)
  3. Keep playing a few times until one group says – “Got it!”
  4. Play a final time to check but with the sound off. Students read the lines like narrators.

Download Ghostbusters jigsaw listening

Students can study this video on EnglishCentral and learn the vocabulary. Also see the video lesson plan there! Sign up as a teacher and assign students great media material like this for study and track their completion.



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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really cool, thanks! But there’s a typo on the worksheet– “sittings”.

  2. ddeubel says:

    thanks for reporting that. I got to slow down!

    Fixed and you can download the edited version in the post. Also students can study the online book –

  3. Gideon Agware says:

    Hello, i just wanted to say, i love your blog.

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