May mid month community updates

Dear EFL Classroomers,

I hope this update finds you well and humming along in your classes.  Now officially 10 years we’ve been sending out emails and newsletters to teachers!

Here are some new things on the community that you might find interesting or use in your classroom. Don’t forget our constantly updated PD magazine and also our New Resources magazine.

A huge greeting to everyone,



1.  Movie trailer lessonRace: Jesse Owens.  Get the video trailer and materials for teaching about this great movie and man.

2. Dubsmash is a smash.  I’ve been using this app and experimenting with it.  Find out more how you might use it with students. Check this video compilation I made and click through to the blog post.

3. Using Gifs.  The perfect language learning objects.  I gave several webinars on this topic recently, check out the slides.  Also, Gif Lingua just will get a cosmetic update this week. Register as a teacher, make a page of favorites and share the page for students to read books, collect points and learn the Gif way.

4. The Olympics.  I’ve cleaned up this resource area. New presentations and lots for all teachers to use to teach this theme students will be so amped about ….

5. Video Lessons goes musical.  The player now has a music category. Click and scroll through to get music lesson inspiration.  Each video in the player has video lesson materials on the community for you to use in your teaching.

6. Friends Furever. You’ll love this video and the lesson materials.

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