Best “Love” Video Lessons

It’s Valentine’s time and a great opportunity to do a lesson about “love”. Actually, any time of the year is a good opportunity to fashion a lesson on this universal theme!

Here below are my most highly recommended video lessons (with materials) about “love”.  Please share your own in the comments – thanks in advance!

Find all the videos I’ve collected about “love” on EFL Classroom.    Valentine’s Day related resources galore HERE. 

  1.  George and Rosemary.  The perfect love story. Surprise ending. Academy award winner and totally a winner. Use with low or high level students.
  2. Paperman.  Animation that is brilliantly done and a story like no other … follow your heart.
  3. 7 Billion Others (Love).  People from all over the world talk about love. Subtitled and so interesting.
  4. The Big Snit.  Animation. A couple fight and make up while Rome is burning …
  5. Do You Love Me – Fiddler on the Roof. A great chant that your students will really get into.
  6. Mr. Morton is the subject of the sentence.  Classic “School of Rock” video song using the past tense.
  7. Someone Like You – Adele.  Ok, it’s a music video but it works wonders. Slow and good for class.
  8. Friday I’m in love!.  Ok, another music video but a classic. Play the lastonestanding ppt version.
  9. Funeral Blues – W.H. Auden. Classic poem that will hit the heart of all who read it.
  10.  I’ll Love You Forever. Classic kids book that works in the EFL Classroom.


Visit EFL Classroom Video Lessons (see teaching materials for video related lesson materials) for many more video based lessons to use in class.

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    Lesson is must in every field,even in love.

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