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I’ve been working hard, I mean really hard. Trying to realize my dream of a place of learning and literacy – an online library that all students can access for free.

That dreams is on the edge of reality. Gif Lingua Books has over 3,000 leveled readers, especially written for ESL / ELL / EFL learners.  Students can read, do quizzes, watch videos, study book vocabulary (with Quizlet sets) for all books. For free.  Download the PDF Brochure

How is this possible? Well, I’m funding development and paying people from my own pocket. It’s my dream. But it does have to be self-supporting financially in the long run.

So I’m asking teachers and schools to pay for using the LMS, making student accounts, tracking student reading and writing with reports. Teachers also get 1,000s of worksheet sets supporting the content of each book. Further, teachers can download all books in pptx or epub to create their own offline library of readers.

So please consider subscribing and supporting Gif Lingua as a teacher.  This month only – $25 for a year’s access. I’m keeping the price very low and reasonable. I don’t believe in ripping off hard working fellow teachers.  Please, tell your colleagues too!  You can purchase teacher access HERE.

View samples of epubs, pptx and pdf printables teacher supporters receive.

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