Voice Typing For Student Story Retelling

Last week I reviewed and talked about a really cool tool where students can record their voice and see their speech as text – Synth.

This week, I’m taking it two steps further.

  1. Showing teachers the new Google Slides functionality – Voice Typing and how students can upload a PowerPoint from the teacher to retell in their own words the story AND see their speech as text in real time.
  2. Showing teachers how to make a simple retelling powerpoint from a video using the GOM player camera functionality and PowerPoint’s – photo album import functionality.

Here are the two screencasts to review and learn how to do both!   The powerpoint I used – Mr. X and materials can be found HERE. The GOM player can be downloaded HERE.  The video and materials for class can be found here – Sign Language.

Google Slides Voice Typing – Story Retelling

GOM Player Image Capture + PPT creation of images

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