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Do You Recognize These ELT Brands?

There are many brands in the ELT universe. I got to wondering how well people actually recognize their logos, how well they’ve penetrated into the mindscape of teachers out there. So as part of figuring this out, I’ve created a quiz which will compile which...


Darth Vader Job Interview

This is a great video to practice job interviewing. Play the video and students can listen with their role play sheet (either A or B) and try to fill in the blanks for their role. Put students in pairs based on which sheet they have...


Paying To “Learn to Run”

Yesterday, went out for a nice bike ride. Beautiful weather, wind at my back and then baam! a flat. So I had to walk my bike home. The benefit of this was that I could slow down, think, become more aware of my surroundings. One...


The Summer of my Discontent

“Living is an affair for those who turn on the ovens” Believe it or not – I’m usually a very positive guy. In life, in the classroom and online. I’m accused often of being too positive and forward looking, being naive and idealistic. I used...


Teachers selling their knowledge – A Parable

There is a discussion within the online teaching community world wide because of THIS recent N.Y. Times article about teachers selling their lesson plans/materials and making $$$. May the Best Teacher Win is a great response and correctly suggests we are asking the wrong questions....

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