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Commercials in the classroom

It’s Superbowl time and after football that means, “commercials”! I’ll be making a few lessons based on the latest Superbowl commercials – after the Golden Lions, probably the best commercials made on the planet. ¬†Commercials are great to use in the classroom. They are short,...

The #1 … (commercial about learning English)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. The German Submarine I’ve use this video a lot during my workshops and presentations to practicing or pre-service teachers. It makes a serious point but also has levity that really relaxes everyone and gets...

Commercials in the EFL Classroom

I use commmericals a lot in my classes. For many reasons; 1. A clear, concise message. Great as context for language learning. 2. They are short! 3. They are hip. Cultural translatable and current. 4. Easy to spin off into other areas of learning. Great...

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