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5 Favorite & Fabulous Video Based Lessons

As a language teacher, I love video!  Students do too, so it’s a happy class when a video is being used. I’ve pounded the pulpit before on the benefits for video in the language learning classroom.  See my Using Video In The Classroom Guide Book as...

Video: Going To Pieces

I’ve long been a big fan of using video creatively in the classroom. My work with speech recognition and EnglishCentral proves that. However, I have a long history of not only making 100s of video based traditional lessons (see Lessons In A Can for EFL...

It’s Not A Box – Synectics

[Read part 2 HERE] My university recently hosted the ICE (Imagination / Creativity / Education) Conference. Instead of giving a presentation and being all concerned with that – decided to join many of my student teachers and enjoy a day of attending the workshops and...

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