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Dogme revisited

This morning, sat down and had some “my time”.  Went through a number of my hundreds of notebooks full of philosophy, essays, poems that I’ve been collecting over 4 decades.  A lot of stuff buried in these books but was surprised to pull open about...

Random Image Generator

I was playing around today and came across a nice random image generator. This is stellar for open ended, conversational, contextual lessons. Very unplugged and great language practice opportunity. Click on the image below to start, asking/answer questions and seeing where the image leads you!...

ELTchat live

ELTchat live

This Wed. there was a lively ELTchat about “Dogme” teaching. Very interesting and I decided ahead of time to just sit back and “listen/watch”. I already had a nice page for doing this – something I’m using to introduce the new teachers in my online...

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