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100 Top Youtube Videos For Teaching English

I have decades of experience using video in the classroom. From this experience ’twas born this list of the top 100 Youtube videos to use to teach English. Not a definitive list in the sense of being “scientific” but I rank these videos based on...


Listening Activities That Work

Listening doesn’t get enough attention in our classrooms! It should be the primary skill we teach and one which we devote the most of our time and energy. It is the motor that drives the language acquisition bus. Here are my own simple suggestions for...


Do The “Loco Motion”

I love this song and it will get students up dancing and having fun, guaranteed. Can they do the “loco motion”? EFL Classroom 2.0 members can get the powerpoint audio version of this for use offline.


Download the Teach | Learn coursebook

I have had such great feedback from teachers using the Teach | Learn coursebook and it’s been a sterling self-publishing success. 200 teachers bought the book the first week it was out and I reached the goal I had set to recoup my $$$. Since...


Poetic Justice: A restored book

It was over 20 years ago that I got my teaching credentials from Laurentian University (now Nipissing University: Schulich School of Education where I have been teaching – freaky teaching courses you once took!). A requirement of one course was to make our own book....


EFL 2.0 gems: Karaoke dialogues

I am very proud of this very underused resource- our karaoke dialogue page. You get a full ebook of all the blank dialogues + Karaoke or video files of the full dialogue or with parts missing where the student can reply with their own voice....


The Idiot’s Dictionary – early release

I mentioned this book previously. Now, releasing it early – I’ll have a hard cover, POD (Print On Demand), for purchase version shortly. Download The Idiot’s Dictionary.doc I’ll only say thank you to my niece Gabriella, who painstakingly went over the copy and edited everything....


#1 ebook in ELT (for my readers)

Just a reminder to those who haven’t taken a look yet – my “Number 1 in ELT” ebook is a free download (click the little icon). Full of the best and not the rest – a synthesis of my experience both regarding technology and also...


We keep what we give

I’m a confirmed, addicted, “sharer”. Been that way for years and I’m sure its caused it share of incredulity. Many people just don’t operate on and of the same mental construct – believing as I do that knowledge is not something created nor owned. It...


Making a book of your blog

I recently took the #1 series of posts here and made it into an ebook! (see it below). What’s great about this, is how sharable/portable it is. Everything is clickable and fully hyperlinked. Put it on a memory stick or with a click, send it...

Lessons in a Can ebook 3

Lessons in a Can ebook

Lessons in a Can – the directory and catalogue of 100s of lessons, all with resources, is finally updated! I’ve worked hard and please find it in a handy pdf to carry about or in this nice ebook. Let others know about the wonderful resources...


The #1 …… (story for predicting)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. The Eyebrow Story by Peter Reynold’s This story highlights the power of prediction for engaging students in a story and prompting them to produce language. Simply get a student as a reader (with a...

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