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Top 5 Games for Social and Global Issues

The “Top” games series continues! Today, in celebration of the forthcoming Earth Day, the top 5 games that focus on global/world issues. Global Issues are something that students really get interested in. Very motivating for language learning and it brings the learning focus into the...


Scrabble – reflection and resources

Scrabble. It’s an iconic word and game. I’m surprised we don’t use it as an adjective – like, “I’ve been scrabbled”. Today, I was going over some of my past writings, all hidden away in boxes and notebooks. Came across a “feuilliton”, a reflective essay...


The Top 5 games I’ve made

Continuing on with the series of Top 5 games posts – today, I’m offering up the top games I’ve created. Games not based on any other concept but what I’ve thought up. I got into making my own games simply because I saw so much...


My Top 5 power point games

Still enjoying the series on games!   Power point games are something I REALLY know a thing or two about. I have made hundreds and also designed dozens of my own games from scratch. They are great because a teacher can take any game, edit...


Top 5 “TV Style” games

I’m quite enjoying the process of making a decision about ” The Top” games and find previous lists HERE and HERE. The GAMES and ARCADE pages on EFL Classroom 2.0 are really popular and I think for good reason. [in fact today’s selection is all ...


My 5 Favorite Online Language Games

Now and then, I post on my twitter @ddeubel , some “tired teacher tips”. Things that a teacher can just put up on a screen with a click and get students learning/producing English. I’ll post another time about these (the hashtag is #tttips) but I...

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