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World Peace Games

What is education? I just finished reading David Warlich’s 2cents worth blog and commenting. About making education purposeful. That’s what’s missing. Forget reform, change blablabla. Just get people together with a purpose. And what should that be? Well, I think it should be what John...


The Top 5 games I’ve made

Continuing on with the series of Top 5 games posts – today, I’m offering up the top games I’ve created. Games not based on any other concept but what I’ve thought up. I got into making my own games simply because I saw so much...


Top 5 “TV Style” games

I’m quite enjoying the process of making a decision about ” The Top” games and find previous lists HERE and HERE. The GAMES and ARCADE pages on EFL Classroom 2.0 are really popular and I think for good reason. [in fact today’s selection is all ...


Don’t play games – make games!

Katie Salen in the video, outlines a new school concept (well, not really new but innovative anyway) – a school where the curriculum is totally based around “gaming”. Yeah, that’s right, GAMES. No, the students aren’t sitting around all day playing computer games. Rather, they...

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