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Sharing Yourself (Online)

As a teacher trainer, one of the things I have trainees do many times, is to reflect on themselves, their personal qualities and their accomplishments. Just this little bit of reflection sets a teacher on more solid ground from which to progress. You can do...

Montage Maker

Today I was experimenting with a cool way to support your classroom instruction and contextualize the language you are teaching. Even make a game of it! I returned to Grant Robinson, maker of the wonderful Guess The Google game. It’s since been retired but now...

Closed Captioning on Youtube

Youtube has had captioning for awhile but recently they have started an experimental beta to automate the process. Here’s my introduction to this service. Very much encourage teachers to check it out and also let their students know about it. Can be helpful and as...

More about Google – All the Answers?

More about Google – All the Answers?

I’ve written numerous times about the “ubiquitous” form of Google. In admiration and also about their rare “flops”. So today when reading William Gibson’s NYT’s“Google’s Earth” – I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of my past posts on Google. The article is...

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