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50 Timeless quotes for educators

“Like your body, your mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings.”                                 ~Hazrat Ali I think many of us get inspiration from sharp quotes that strike like a bolt of thunder and get us seeing things anew, with fresh insight. I’m an...


In Praise of Teaching

What would the world be like without someone teaching another? You make the world a better place. Let’s pat ourselves on the back and be happy that we make a difference. This video is for YOU. Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0...


It’s About Relationships

There is one thing that too often gets left behind in all the post it notes stuck on the door of educational reform: Teacher – student relationships.    Not enough do we hear the message that what education really is about is what invisibly transpires...


Inspiration about education

There is nothing so inspiring, so uplifting than a well stated quote.  It really can stir the blood and get the mind moving. I’ve made so many presentations over the years in this vein.  I present them here for your enjoyment and reference. Just click...


Finne Cherian – Teacher Inspiration

I’ve been seeking inspiration for my own teaching. I’m still teaching online, working online, but will after a year outside “the regular classroom” be returning to the reality of 4 walls. You can’t replace F2F. I wrote a bit about missing this before and I’ve...

Learning a language 0

Learning a language

This video is raw, raw and real. Meaning, to me it speaks on many levels (both good and bad) because it is from the heart, the belly and the brain – because it has spirit and eyes and emotion. We need more of this type...


Stories for Teachers

It’s 2011 and I want to start telling some more stories! I’m a firm believer that the best teachers are those that tell stories in order to teach. (and research suggests this and also essential for great presentations).  I’ve collected my stories HERE on EFL...

The #1 ….. (non academic speech on education) 0

The #1 ….. (non academic speech on education)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. Bill Cosby’s Carnegie Mellon Commencement Address. Here it is below. It is beyond comment. Just listen. Perfect delivery, even students of higher levels can follow and understand. The message is immortal and I listen...


Top 5 Videos to Inspire Teachers

Continuing on from our other BEST Videos series (Funniest / Inspiring Students), here are my picks for favorite videos to inspire teachers. They all contain important messages and I consider each and every one MUST viewing for any long term teacher. Honorable mentions to the...


Top Videos to inspire students!

I just did a write up about the top 5 “funniest” videos about language teaching/learning. Well received and I got lots of nice comments. So – I’ve decided to continue the series and reveal some more “gems” buried here in the hundreds of videos on...


Teaching Struggles – Some Medicine.

I have the honor and privilege of quite often giving end of year, end of course, graduation and other speeches to teachers. I take it seriously and usually end with a story. Stories work well and inspire. One of the ones I’ve used most often...

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