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Abracadabra – Self Directed Learning

One thing that I’m very convinced of, is the notion that us teachers are “motivators”. It is our job to motivate our students, to lead our students towards becoming self directed learners, learning for themselves, intrinsically. Oh sure, we have to do all the regular...


Know – Do / Learn – Acquire

As a teacher trainer, there is one “theoretical” thing I really want all new teachers to believe and understand. It is the difference between “knowing” a language and “doing” a language. Further, the implications that suggests for our classroom practices. In general speak, we use...

Do Teachers Kill Creativity? 2

Do Teachers Kill Creativity?

Do teachers kill creativity? What is the harm that a “teacher” does, just by being a teacher? Do we indeed stunt student achievement, growth and “thought” by our mere presence as a model and person to look up to and copy/become? Like Ken Robinson’s story...


Web 2.0 and English Language Learning

Web 2.0 and English Language Learning A New Model or A New Muddle? “ In the electronic age, we wear all mankind as our skin” – Marshall McLuhan (this article is one of a series on my blog – highlighting how educators can publish and...


Effective Ways to Learn/Study English

There are many ways to master a language. There is NO magic really, just desire and intrinsic motivation. I came across an article in today’s paper that said some very important things on this topic and I’d like to share it. Most important to me...


12 To Dos for Student learning English

It isn’t easy learning a language. I’ve learned 3 of them and had success in 3 completely different ways! I’m going to work on a fourth and probably will stumble along with a 4th method. What this means is “to each his own”.  We have...


Hit it like Hiddink!

I’m not much of a soccer player anymore, had my day and that’s that. However, I’ve always admired the success and uniqueness of Guus Hiddink – the coach who propelled Korea to the World Cup semi finals. He coaches like we should teach (and I...


Siftables – A Future Tool in Our Classrooms!

I’ve been engrossed of late with how I might use voice recognition technology in the language classroom. I might test drive it this semester — I’ll walk around the classroom “wired” and as I speak, all the students will see it come up in script...


A Manifesto 4 2morrow’s Learning

I’ve blogged about this previously but now want to provide for those who haven’t seen it, my full thoughts about the “future of learning”. Presently, schools don’t get it and that’s why so so so so much learning is actually not school based! Yeah, think...


In Praise of the “slow” classroom

If there is one piece of valuable advice that could fit almost ALL teachers – it would be to “S L O W D O W N!” One area of course is in terms of speaking speed. Teachers need to let students process language and...

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