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TED TALKS – “Mind seasoning”

Right from the start, I was a TED addict. Sterling talks on a wide variety of topics. Great “mind seasoning”. I’ve written many times about TED talks but took it a step further, creating a handy TED “Random” video player with HD videos. Just refresh...

Present.me – fabulous!

Present.me is a real cool, “new” way to share your teaching online. It is simple and effective. I’ve been testing it out and it works like a charm! A really exciting tool. What is it? It is just a simple power point set beside a...

Affordable, “on the go” eteaching

Affordable, “on the go” eteaching

Previously, I wrote and got a lot of great feedback (thank you those who responded!) about a video conferencing system I was creating and making available. Well, finally it is on the horizon…… I think it quite timely given that Dimdim is being wiped from...

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