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Imagine …..

This song hits me like no other. And millions around the world agree and have made it part of their mental landscape and an all-time classic. Over the years, I’ve used it a lot in class. As a straight listening cloze activity. As a rewriting...

Do The “Loco Motion”

I love this song and it will get students up dancing and having fun, guaranteed. Can they do the “loco motion”? EFL Classroom 2.0 members can get the powerpoint audio version of this for use offline. Also highly recommend our Recommended Pop Songs + lyric...

Songs with lyric sheets

I just spent an hour or two tagging all the songs on EFL Classroom that have lyric sheets. Wow! Didn’t know we had so many. Find them here. Look below the video for links, many with ppts too. Plus, see our International Second Language Singers...

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