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Pop Song Workbook

I’ve done a lot over the years to promote the use of music in the ELT Classroom. From my days as a karaoke king in ESL classrooms in Canada to recent articles and research concerning the efficacy of music in the language classroom. Here is...


Top 10 Reasons To Use Music

Teachers by training or usually just instinct, know that music works in the classroom. For all ages, for all topics. I’ve even used a song to teach chemistry! This post is further to my well visited Top 50 ways to use music and song in the...


Dubsmash could be a smash hit

I’ve long loved and supported the use of music in the language classroom. Check out my very popular guide or also any of my karaoke related posts here. Dubsmash is a very popular app where students lipsynch to popular movie lines, song lyrics and more...


Songs To Get Students Thinking ….

We have a great discussion going on ELT Professionals LinkedIN where teachers recommend songs for teaching. Some of them got me thinking about how I most often used songs in my teaching. Most often, I used songs to either introduce a topic but most often...


Imagine …..

This song hits me like no other. And millions around the world agree and have made it part of their mental landscape and an all-time classic. Over the years, I’ve used it a lot in class. As a straight listening cloze activity. As a rewriting...


Get Your Christmas Music

We have so much Christmas and Holiday music on EFL 2.0! Each Christmas it is a tradition to provide a handy Christmas music player that teachers can use in class or any time. Just click and select the song. Play while students are working, doing...


Do The “Loco Motion”

I love this song and it will get students up dancing and having fun, guaranteed. Can they do the “loco motion”? EFL Classroom 2.0 members can get the powerpoint audio version of this for use offline.


50 Ways To Use Music & Song

I’m presently working hard on a number of forthcoming 50 lists to go along with the dozen I’ve already come up with. Some of the lists  are; * 50 ways to teach writing * 50 tasks for the ELT Classroom * 50 ways to foster...


Beatles Resources

The Beatles are the number one band students prefer to learn English by, according to a Pearson survey (and see other musical preferences at that link).  I’ve recently put up the ultimate resources for teaching with Beatles songs. Available for purchase individually or join EFL...


The #1 Second Language band …..

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.                                                        Outlandish   I spent part of the...


Using Songs in the EFL Classroom

This presentation has always been a fav. of teachers. Here, I add a voiceover and summarizing some of the main points (ever so quickly). Click on the presention to listen and use the slideshow underneath to go to resources highlighting each point (by clicking on...


Songs with lyric sheets

I just spent an hour or two tagging all the songs on EFL Classroom that have lyric sheets. Wow! Didn’t know we had so many. Find them here. Look below the video for links, many with ppts too. Plus, see our International Second Language Singers...


Technologic IT

I love Daft Punk! See some really innovative stuff done by teachers using their music. This one will be no exception. I already got creative with it. It teaches verbs connected to technology so well! (and verbs are the flypaper of language – have a...


The Power of Music and a Teacher

Just a quick one this morning since I’m on the road. Want to share this inspiring video and a special teacher showing how powerful music is, in education. Check out their page and other videos on youtube (use the ad free player). Inspire your own...


The #1….(song activity)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. Last One Standing This game is fantastic! I’ve done it in countless teacher training sessions and with students. It’s gotten so that other teachers when they see another teacher doing this with their students...


Top 10 Young Learner’s Songs

Here is my list of top 10 songs for Young Learners and suggested teaching points. Please comment and add any other suggestions. Most are found on our Kid’s Karaoke page or by searching in our videos…. ) Not surprising that many of these songs are...


Making a Doodle Video with your Class

Doodle songs/videos are a great activity you can do with your class! They really promote contextualized learning and motivate students because you have a final product and of course – there is music!  They are the perfect example of SCC or Student Created Content. I...


Traditional Songs for teaching/learning

I really believe in using the students’ own cultural knowledge and “aspect” when teaching English. I’ve elaborated on this notion of CSC (Culturally Specific Content) on a number of occasions. There can be no more powerful cultural component than traditional song and music. Arirang is...


Calling All Angels – using WMM and subtitling

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0 This is a lovely music video of a fabulous and “quirky” Canadian singer, Jane Siberry. Just beautiful and slow – perfect for language learning. I’m also celebrating her because in the spirit of art and knowledge...

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