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The Dimensions of the present moment

When I was a young(er) teacher, quite cut off and alone in a town in the Czech Rep. — one of the books that were my best friends was “The Dimensions of the Present Moment” – a collection of essays by the Czech immunologist /...


Using photos when teaching

My work building EnglishCentral and Gif Lingua have convinced me how images are so important for teaching language. The future of language learning and teaching is visual, is controlled reality.  We teachers can provide so much context to teach direct and also the most salient features, points of...


Gif photos illustrating body language

I really love those short, sweet, “video like” gif photos and I can attest that students do too! Show GIFs to illustrate a whole number of things and as an living image, they really can be effectively used by teachers to illustrate and teach a large...


Colorizing History. Technological Dilemmas.

Technology is allowing teachers to not just tear down the walls that surround their classroom, it also is allowing improved ways to present content. For the language classroom, images are an essential tool to generate conversation, contextualize vocabulary and build critical thinking skills. I’ve always...


Guess the Educational Thinker

I recently created for teachers and professional development, a directory of videos and readings on “Educational Thinkers”. It’s interesting to think of these “crazy ones” and get inspired by their own enthusiasm and dedication. Let’s celebrate them, as this famous video does. Take a look...


Random Image Generator

I was playing around today and came across a nice random image generator. This is stellar for open ended, conversational, contextual lessons. Very unplugged and great language practice opportunity. Click on the image below to start, asking/answer questions and seeing where the image leads you!...

The #1 ….. (badge maker) 2

The #1 ….. (badge maker)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. Big Huge Labs Big Huge Labs makes badge making so simple! Just go there, upload a photo and design it as you like. Lots of choices, from a regular styled “Hello” badge to something...

The #1 ….. (site for royalty free photos) 0

The #1 ….. (site for royalty free photos)

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. Flickr CC – Storm Nowadays, it is imperative that teachers provide rich content and context when giving lessons. Pictures are essential and beyond your own picture portfolio – you should have a digital portfolio....


Getting Personal – Who am I?

Who Am I? I don’t say much about my own professional (or personal ) life. However, I really believe and always encourage teachers to do so with their students. For many reasons, primarily to model and encourage students to speak about their own lives and...

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