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A couple “lovely” teaching ideas

Valentines is here and many teachers will teach a lesson about “love”.   However, it’s a topic that you can teach at any time of the year, always valuable and really can get students thinking deeply about their place in the world. Here are a...


What if?

I’ve always loved this poem by Shel Silverstein and finally decided to make my own definitive audio powerpoint version for teachers to use in the classroom.  The powerpoint has very engaging .gif animated images that really catch the attention of students (can’t see them in...


Imagine…. (a poem about school)

Imagine a classroom where there is no teaching                                                      only learning. Imagine a classroom where there is no leader only...


So You Want To Be A Teacher?

A poem speaking to some things inherent in great teachers. This remix is in memory of Charles Bukowski. 1920 – 1994.     — We miss you.   if it doesn’t come bursting out of you in spite of everything, don’t do it. unless it comes...


Poetic Justice: A restored book

It was over 20 years ago that I got my teaching credentials from Laurentian University (now Nipissing University: Schulich School of Education where I have been teaching – freaky teaching courses you once took!). A requirement of one course was to make our own book....


Go By Playgrounds, Teachers.

A poem I wrote based on Leonard Cohen’s famous “Go by brooks, my love.” See all my poetry on my poetry blog. If interested in using poetry in the classroom, this page will be valuable.


In Memory Of Josef Skvorecky

I’ve spent a good part of my life studying Czech writers and the incredible literature that has come from this tiny country. I studied Czech, drank beer with her writers and failed at translating the untranslatable. I had the esteemed pleasure to visit Josef and...


Gems of EFL 2.0: Poetry in the Classroom

Poetry is in my soul (read my own, if interested HERE) and I think if used correctly, it is a powerful activity in the EFL Classroom. In that vein, find a plethora of resources on the Poetry In The Classroom page. Lots of ideas and...


The Idiot’s Dictionary II

Finally for the moment, finished with this project – The Idiot’s Dictionary. However, dictionaries, like poems, are never finished, merely abandoned….. Enjoy – get the online copy here. (download button, bottom right) If you really get into it – think of purchasing the hard cover....


Poetry in the EFL Classroom

I’ve written a lot about using poetry in the classroom. However, came across my old audio page collection and noted Billy Collins great audio recordings (see below) – couldn’t help sharing. Decided to collect his wonderful “visual” poems in a nice player. Find them, along...


Poetry and Teaching English

Since April is National Poetry month and I’m also a poet (dowload / read my latest book ), I thought I’d share some ideas and resources for using poetry in your classroom. Activity sheet – Funeral Blues I’ve used poetry a lot over the years...


Thanksgiving Day

In Canada, it was a few weeks ago. However, I’m a big one for “gratitude” in life (and turkey – especially the leftovers). So, I celebrate both Thanksgivings, American and Canadian. Never enough gratitute and “thanks” in a life. It is a disposition I’ve tried...


Teaching and Poetry

The other day while doing some reading of others blogs, I came across a teacher’s blog post with poetry. I really love it when I fnd some poetry on a blog, even a blog about teaching! Poetry is a great way to “think” about ourselves,...


Thanksgiving Day – A poem

I don’t share much of myself here. But I do believe I should and will try to open up more….I’ve no secrets 🙂 Today, while searching for some other poetry, I came across one of my own poems! Wow! Yeah, I wrote poetry for many...


A Story for Educators

Today, I’d like to share a very personal story. A story told at a University  of Toronto commencement address in the 1980s (which year eludes me – I’m getting old!) by Gyorgy Faludy. My mentor – an Hungarian poet, writer, educator, thinker without equal. Read...

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