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Voice Typing For Student Story Retelling

Last week I reviewed and talked about a really cool tool where students can record their voice and see their speech as text – Synth. This week, I’m taking it two steps further. Showing teachers the new Google Slides functionality – Voice Typing and how...


What if?

I’ve always loved this poem by Shel Silverstein and finally decided to make my own definitive audio powerpoint version for teachers to use in the classroom.  The powerpoint has very engaging .gif animated images that really catch the attention of students (can’t see them in...


The Top 5 games I’ve made

Continuing on with the series of Top 5 games posts – today, I’m offering up the top games I’ve created. Games not based on any other concept but what I’ve thought up. I got into making my own games simply because I saw so much...


My Top 5 power point games

Still enjoying the series on games!   Power point games are something I REALLY know a thing or two about. I have made hundreds and also designed dozens of my own games from scratch. They are great because a teacher can take any game, edit...

Picture puzzle maker 1

Picture puzzle maker

This picture puzzle maker is really simple! Just go to the webpage, upload a photo and then choose how small you want the pieces to be. (I recommend choosing the largest size, that is difficult enough). I think this might be useful for “jigsaw” type...

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