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Gifs: The Perfect Language Learning Object

Over the years, I’ve turned into a bit of a “gif” guru. They are a fascinating material for any course designer or materials developer. Gif Lingua and Gif Lingua Books offer a gif “corpus” where gifs are tagged and learners learn over 50,000 words of...


Conference commentary …..

I used to go to conferences often as a presenter.  These days, though I still sometimes present, I’m most often on the other side of the podium – an attendee. It’s great and over the last 4 or 5 months in my role as Director...


Get A Random TED Talk

Love ’em or hate ’em, they are enjoyable and stimulate the brain. Mind snacks. I love them despite the continuing bad press these days. So I built this random TED Talk player. Just hit the button to reload and get a random one in HD...


Inspiration about education

There is nothing so inspiring, so uplifting than a well stated quote.  It really can stir the blood and get the mind moving. I’ve made so many presentations over the years in this vein.  I present them here for your enjoyment and reference. Just click...


The power of positive evaluation

Today while marking student assignments, one student wrote – “The instructor must remember the purpose is to help the student succeed!” It reminded me of Benjamin Zander. I’ve written before about my praise and enthusiasm for the ideas of Benjamin Zander. Watched again his wonderful...


Stories for Teachers

It’s 2011 and I want to start telling some more stories! I’m a firm believer that the best teachers are those that tell stories in order to teach. (and research suggests this and also essential for great presentations).  I’ve collected my stories HERE on EFL...


Recognizing a good teacher

I had a number of wonderful emails about my blog post – TEFL “non stick” teaching. So I decided to make the blog post into a presentation. (download here – with music – Being a good teacher) Also see my almost iconic presentation, Effective EFL...

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