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50 Timeless quotes for educators

“Like your body, your mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings.”                                 ~Hazrat Ali I think many of us get inspiration from sharp quotes that strike like a bolt of thunder and get us seeing things anew, with fresh insight. I’m an...


Controversial Quotes In ELT

I recently came across this  blog post about Six highly provocative quotes in ELT, from the 6 things blog.  So I thought I’d highlight these sparkling quotes again but also add my own to compliment. A challenge to my own linguistic soul. I love a...


Inspiration about education

There is nothing so inspiring, so uplifting than a well stated quote.  It really can stir the blood and get the mind moving. I’ve made so many presentations over the years in this vein.  I present them here for your enjoyment and reference. Just click...


Einstein: Ideas and Opinions

I’m still going through and wiping down (cleaning) all my books and shelving them. It’s a long process because I continually keep “taking a break” and sitting down reading and reliving old memories. Yesterday, came upon Einstein’s “Ideas and Opinions”. A book given to me...

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