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Hitler Reacts to poor language teaching

I’ve previously blogged about the “Hitler Reacts” series of remixes. It’s a great activity for students and I finally got to making my own video remix, about textbooks. Here it is. Thoughts welcomed and I’ll comment more later and relate more about how I feel...

Viva la (textbook) revolucion!

I’ve been, like I’m sure many other have, watching the ongoing events in the Middle East with sheer fascination. The power of normal people to say – “we aren’t going to take it anymore”. The invigorating energy given by technology to inform and empower the...

“Hitler Reacts” – video subtitling inspiration

This recent article in the N.Y. Times, reminded me of the series of “Hitler Reacts” videos. They are superb for language learning (although be careful of the ones with obscenities!) and because the students know the “video”, they can concentrate on the language. People from...

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