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Commercials in the classroom

It’s Superbowl time and after football that means, “commercials”! I’ll be making a few lessons based on the latest Superbowl commercials – after the Golden Lions, probably the best commercials made on the planet.  Commercials are great to use in the classroom. They are short,...

Marking. Is it all about going through the motions?

Marking is something teachers kind of dread.  It takes hours and usually there is little pay off.  However, on the other end are students who wait with anticipation for any feedback or comment.  How to reconcile these two opposing forces? This dilema and “round peg...

Top 5 “TV Style” games

I’m quite enjoying the process of making a decision about ” The Top” games and find previous lists HERE and HERE. The GAMES and ARCADE pages on EFL Classroom 2.0 are really popular and I think for good reason. [in fact today’s selection is all ...

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