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CDLP – a wonderful adult listening site

CDLP – The California Distance Learning Project, is one of the many governmental sites leading the way towards free online learning resources. It doesn’t have a lot of “flash” but it has an abundance of semi authentic materials with audio and extra vocabulary study. Excellent...

Education by Lottery – right or wrong?

Last week I watched this 60 minutes episode about “lucky” kids winning paid boarding school education. Education by lottery. I don’t know why but I found it deeply disturbing. So disturbing, I just couldn’t even write about it. So I let it fester and digest...

TEACH – The movie. Thumbs up or down?

TEACH – The movie. Thumbs up or down?

Here’s an acclaimed film/documentary about teaching.Teach – The Movie About its painstaking difficulty, its rewards for dedication. Tell us what you thought of these 4 teachers. What did this movie “speak” to you, as a teacher? See the booklet and especially the discussion guide if...

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