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Video & Language Teaching

I’ve written many times previously on what I call – The Video Teaching Revolution. Video is becoming the new, dynamic textbook. It won’t replace print but it will have its own place, time and attention as a learning material and medium of instruction. This recent...


100 Top Youtube Videos For Teaching English

I have decades of experience using video in the classroom. From this experience ’twas born this list of the top 100 Youtube videos to use to teach English. Not a definitive list in the sense of being “scientific” but I rank these videos based on...


Strange stories about language learning

Over the years, I’ve kept my eyes and ears open for great “thought experiments” for language. Real examples and events that are so extreme, they really force you to think differently about ones preconceived notions about language learning (and by default teaching it). Here are...


Recommended Videos for ELT

I am a big believer in using video in our classrooms – bringing rich context and “the real” into the artificial laboratory that is our classroom. We have thousands of teacher recommended, curated videos on EFL Classroom 2.0. All specific to teaching English. A marvelous...


Youtube 4 Teachers

Video Rulz! However for teachers, youtube can be problematic in the classroom. Too many distractions, too many ads. The students are busy looking at all the other stuff and not focusing on the main video. I’ve made a player that helps immensely. Drawing on youtube’s...


Closed Captioning on Youtube

Youtube has had captioning for awhile but recently they have started an experimental beta to automate the process. Here’s my introduction to this service. Very much encourage teachers to check it out and also let their students know about it. Can be helpful and as...


For the video minded….Teach | Learn

Sorry to keep harping, but made this rather quickly and amateurishly but alas, it IS from the heart. A 4 min. review of the textbook I wrote. Here are the samples / links to view at your leisure.


Interactive Youtube videos

There are some great Youtube videos out there which are “interactive”. Meaning, students can watch the storyline and then are asked to make decisions and continue with the story. They really keep the students’ attention. A very strong prediction viewing type activity. By far ,...

Want something taught? Ask a busy teacher! 5

Want something taught? Ask a busy teacher!

{just an update – Bill Gates recently caught onto Khan and gave him his endorsement. Also, like myself, calls for more “online” learning and taking the learning out of the 4 walls and into the great wide open. The following post appeared Dec. 09} I...


Top 100 Youtube videos for EFL!

Youtube recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. Wow! See the video karaoke I made with Breakingnewsenglish content. However, today, in honor of youtube and what it does for our classrooms – I’ll leave you with a great gift. My 100 top youtube videos for students! Yes,...

Kid’s songs with hand movements – Cullen’s ABCs 0

Kid’s songs with hand movements – Cullen’s ABCs

I really love Cullen’s ABCs! If you teach Young Learners, you have to watch her Youtube videos where she instructs teachers how to do the motions/hand movements for many songs for young learners.(along with SuperSimpleSongs, she’s the next best! I came to know about her...

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