signed_sealed_delivered_smallThis is a reply I posted to Pearson’s “new” social networking site. Hired guns drumming up business and time of hard working teachers. The post speaks for itself. I’m not against Jeremy Harmer or even Pearson. Just the notion that you can hire people to promote yourself without them explicitly noting they are paid and bought. End of story… Read on for more ….


Can I be TRULY honest here?

Is your teacher talk time here, paid? And how much do you get paid exactly, to contribute your few paragraphs and enthusiasm? how many are others paid? Shares, dividends, what? What are the ethical boundaries to this “teacher talk time”.

I like your blog. I read it like the bible.  I buy all your books and tell thousands of students to buy your books. See a recent (one of dozens where I recommend) here.

However, this is over the top and definitely too much TTT.   A waste of time and I’m only participating to tell you that it is a waste of your own and anyone elses. Big publishers late in the game, buying their way into  “community” is disgusting. They should have been on it and at it years ago like I was – if they had any real interest other than profit. This is “pandering” and commercialism at its worst. Get the teachers here and sell. Is that what ELT has boiled down to?

I quit my job teaching grad school this week after a big conversation with the dean. She questioned me about my classes after never even having visited a class all year. There is more to it . But to get to the point – I suggested that my own views on curriculum development were supported by you. She shot that down and said Jeremy Harmer knows nothing about curriculum development. So I let into her politely (as I usually am). Then quit. I believe in that.

I’ll continue believing in you when you stop this souless garble. As someone said to me, “it is like watching my Dad chatting up my girlfriend”. Speak from the heart or not at all.   I have spoken (but held my tongue a lot).

I’ve been promoting, striving, instilling, inspiring teachers from my own heart for many years online. Why have you never dropped by to talk to the thousands that are in my community? Am I not paying?   Where does “teacher” and “teacher online talk time” begin and end?  I say all this with sincerity and the deepest respect.


PS. I’ve copied this and will publish on my own blog so teachers can decide for themselves. (even though “Pearson” won’t even let anyone copy from their page! – fortunately, I’m a technophile and this is not beyond me. But mein gott – isn’t that ridiculous, even making public comments uncopiable / unreproducible??????