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Using Silent Video In The ELT Classroom

Recently, we’ve added many, many video based lessons to our community resources. Many of them are “silent” containing no words or spoken dialog.  But don’t fear, they are excellent to use in the ELT Classroom! This infographic (Download ) shows many standard and simple ways.


Free TEFL Course

I’ve long had the idea that there should be a very basic, low cost, online course for TESOL. For teachers around the world who need to think again about their teaching or especially for new teachers heading abroad without much idea of how to teach...


Using Songs in the EFL Classroom

This presentation has always been a fav. of teachers. Here, I add a voiceover and summarizing some of the main points (ever so quickly). Click on the presention to listen and use the slideshow underneath to go to resources highlighting each point (by clicking on...


Then and Now…….

“Where is the life we have lost in living?” – T.S. Eliot As a teacher trainer and workshopper, I have had the honor and pleasure to interact with a lot of new teachers over the last  10 or so years. Energizing and invigorating. One thing...


The Blues, New Orleans, TESOL

I’m just on my way home from a great conference in New Orleans. Refreshed by many conversations with fellow teachers (but have lost my voice!). The small talk and conversations were even more important than any of the presentations I attended or gave. Really and...


TESOL New Orleans 2011

Just a shout and quick post about TESOL New Orleans 2011. I’ll be there and it should be a great time of learning, laughing and listening in the “Big Easy”. I’m looking forward to all the presentations and a busy 3 days, March 16th –...


Insights about SLA …..

I’ve long been studying Second Language Acquisition and its relationship to teaching and learning a language. One article that I read several years ago has always stood out for me. What do we know about learning and teaching second language – Implications for teaching. Written...


Age and ELTing

Let me start by asking this – do you love your teaching job? Let me now ask, can you imagine teaching until you die? I can. I really can. I don’t know what the future holds but right here, right now, I can imagine being...


The Art of Questioning….

{this is part of the “Captive Mind” series of blog posts – publishing online and de-commercializing thought.] ———— Teaching and the Art of  Questioning [Also see this post .   Download:   Teaching and the Art of questioning handouts] Developing the art of questioning can be...


English teaching activites using a textbook

Andrew Finch will be speaking at this weekend’s KOTESOL conference in Seoul, Korea. He’s done wonders for promoting humanistic teaching and student centered (cooperative) learning. I’ve long advised teachers to purchase his book “Tell Me More” , full of great activities. Get a sample of...


The “buying” of knowledge

This is a reply I posted to Pearson’s “new” social networking site. Hired guns drumming up business and time of hard working teachers. The post speaks for itself. I’m not against Jeremy Harmer or even Pearson. Just the notion that you can hire people to...


Teaching is ….

This is an abridged version of my closing graduation speech I recently gave (and blogged about) where I work. Words to those entering the teaching profession. Something more heartfelt and personal. Sorry for the bad audio but I did this in one take and without...


ELT only “social” Search Engine

We have a new “Swicki” – a custom made search engine. Now, you can search and get really specific English Language Teaching results!  PLEASE spread the news and support this “new” and powerful idea. WHY is the needed? Technology is allowing us to harness the...


Teaching Writing – Activities and Ideas

“Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.” — Jules Renard “ideas to get your students’ pencils moving” View an updated version of this article HERE.  Download this post | Writing Resources |  ELT Buzz Writing is and isn’t an easy thing to do in...

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