ELT only “social” Search Engine

We have a new “Swicki”

a custom made search engine.

Now, you can search and get really specific English Language Teaching results!  PLEASE spread the news and support this “new” and powerful idea.

WHY is the needed?

Technology is allowing us to harness the power of “many”. I’ve been waiting patiently for the day when we could use our English Language teaching community to powerfully share what is “best”.  That day is breaking.

The internet is now very “deep”. It is hard to find what is good for your specific teaching practice/class. Not only do old results come up first on google/yahoo – you get all sorts of spammed / tagged results from “tricksters” who know the SEO dos and don’ts across the web. Simply put – there is so much out there that is GREAT that you’ll never find or use to benefit your students.

Twitter is good, your PLN is good, bookmarking is good but they have their limitations.  The vast majority of teachers DON”T use twitter or blog etc… Teachers are used to this type of search and will use it.  With a shared search engine, we can create something so that the user will ALWAYS get what great teachers recommend. It is as simple as that. Further, if you have a great site/blog – this will drive teachers there and benefit your hard work! It is a win-win.

Please read the FAQs for some real specific info. as to why this is a “fast train coming around the bend”.

HOW does it work?

It is simple and that’s why I like it!

I’ve prioritized many of the most popular / best ELT specific sites. Items from these sites will appear high in the search. I’ve also filtered it for many other sites that won’t give great results (like wikipedia). Compare the results of our “Swicki” with other search engines, why don’t you? No comparison and it will get better.

1. You search. The most popular terms will go into the “Hot List”.Your search is given priority and remembered. The Swicki is learning.

2. You vote. See a site you like and recommend. Vote and it will be pushed up the search rankings for not just your search terms but anything related. Further, see a site you don’t recommend? Vote! Push it down.  Also, “comment” and this too will prioritize the site (but I will be able to edit this part and keep guard).


3.  Share! You can easily get the code for the search and use on your own webpage / blog.  See my embed on the right of this page. This is what it is all about……


4.  Wait while our “Swicki” grows in intelligence. Yes, it will learn and I’ve also talked to the developers and learned that soon we will have shared settings. Meaning, even more people than myself will be able to add filtered sites, comment, manage.

I really think this “works” and it is very functional. A “smart” choice and a way to help thousands of teachers out there… I hope you will support this as I work to get it humming and purring.  Remember – there is power is many!

Your comments / suggestions much appreciated. Thanks,


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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Richard Whiteside. Richard Whiteside said: Blog by @ddeubel http://bit.ly/abZEEg about Swicki – a search engine for specific ELT related stuff! http://bit.ly/9QdCPd #elt #efl #edtech […]

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