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100 Top Youtube Videos For Teaching English

I have decades of experience using video in the classroom. From this experience ’twas born this list of the top 100 Youtube videos to use to teach English. Not a definitive list in the sense of being “scientific” but I rank these videos based on...


Updated: Teach | Learn Coursebook

My Teach | Learn coursebook has been and is being used in hundreds of classrooms. So happy to get emails from teachers and to promote OER (open educational resources). It’s been a wonderful success. I sold 200 in the first week and that paid for...


Download the Teach | Learn coursebook

I have had such great feedback from teachers using the Teach | Learn coursebook and it’s been a sterling self-publishing success. 200 teachers bought the book the first week it was out and I reached the goal I had set to recoup my $$$. Since...


A Lesson On Stereotyping

Scott Thornbury offered up a stimulating blog post this week titled “R is for Representation“. About how textbooks don’t represent the world of the student, the spaces they live and walk among, the people they know nor the dreams they have for themselves. I won’t...


All my “tech”books

I like the term “tech”books. I’ve been busy the last couple of years creating lots of free books for teachers, books meant to bypass the clutter of the textbook vultures out there. Kind of born of my angst against how textbook culture (and it is...


Hitler Reacts to poor language teaching

I’ve previously blogged about the “Hitler Reacts” series of remixes. It’s a great activity for students and I finally got to making my own video remix, about textbooks. Here it is. Thoughts welcomed and I’ll comment more later and relate more about how I feel...


Disrupting ELT

Clayton Christensen, Harvard professor and proponent of how new technologies change traditional market structures and relationships, defines disruption as “the process of transforming something that was previously expensive and complicated into something affordable and simple that everyone can obtain.” This is my own drum beat,...


Dancing to the pied “textbook” piper

I spent a few hours looking at the conference offerings this coming fall. Something I’m used to doing and invigorated by – I’m energized by the pursuit of knowledge and no better place than a conference, a meeting of minds. Yet, this usually vitalizing activity...


Extensive Watching

The last few years, I’ve been very focused on the role and possibility of video in the classroom. Thus, my recent work developing Gif Lingua and EnglishCentral and my focus on the potential of a “Flipped Classroom“. I had an interesting skype discussion with Dan...


The Future of the “Tech”book

The past few weeks, I’ve been mulling over the future of “the book”. In particular, the textbook and even more precisely the ELT textbook. Probably been thinking about this because I’m busy every day making books (and I use “make” deliberately – authors these days...


The Video Teaching Revolution

My work over the years has brought me into thinking heavily about the role of video in language instruction.  I saw its power as a university T.A. – tramping around the campus showing heavy “reels” of film to mesmerized classes. I wouldn’t go so far...


On and Off (line) materials

Part of my job as a materials developer and consultant involves thinking through the role, purpose and process of combining online and offline learning. How do you link what physically happens in the class with what is possible online? Where are the borders? How to...


The Power of Presentations

I’m glad to announce a new material/book for purchase – The Power of Presentations: A 4 module, 20 hour course. Tried and true, tested on hundreds of students and in-service teachers. It works! I’ve literally had success with these materials and this approach across a...


Teach | Learn extra printables.

Here is a quick look at the dozens of “teacher helpers” available as printables at the back of the Teach | Learn course book. Teach | Learn doesn’t have to be used as a full textbook and offers a wide variety of communicative activities and...


For the video minded….Teach | Learn

Sorry to keep harping, but made this rather quickly and amateurishly but alas, it IS from the heart. A 4 min. review of the textbook I wrote. Here are the samples / links to view at your leisure.


Teach | Learn coursebook now available!

[ Update: Now get this book FREE. I’ve sold the 220 copies to pay for its costs and now the world can download and share. Big thanks to all the teachers who purchased the book and who are now using it in classrooms around the...


Viva la (textbook) revolucion!

I’ve been, like I’m sure many other have, watching the ongoing events in the Middle East with sheer fascination. The power of normal people to say – “we aren’t going to take it anymore”. The invigorating energy given by technology to inform and empower the...

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