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Updated: Teach | Learn Coursebook

My Teach | Learn coursebook has been and is being used in hundreds of classrooms. So happy to get emails from teachers and to promote OER (open educational resources). It’s been a wonderful success. I sold 200 in the first week and that paid for...


Low Impact Teaching

Over the last 5 to 10 years, I’ve been developing new ideas about how we should be teaching in our classrooms.   These ideas have changed as the possibilities and promises of educational technology have become reality. The most fundamental of these ideas are always...


Hitler Reacts to poor language teaching

I’ve previously blogged about the “Hitler Reacts” series of remixes. It’s a great activity for students and I finally got to making my own video remix, about textbooks. Here it is. Thoughts welcomed and I’ll comment more later and relate more about how I feel...


Minimally Invasive Teaching

“The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “the children are working as if I don’t exist.” – Maria Montessori During the last year, I’ve been following the KhanAcademy locomotive as it chugs on to distant fertile lands and...


Teach | Learn “techbook” updated

I’ve again updated the book. Lots of additional multi media links/materials. As well, added some extra printables (the back of the book is loaded with them.) Get it here.     You can also get the book AND all the other ebooks/resources by becoming an EFL Classroom...

Teach | Learn course book updated 0

Teach | Learn course book updated

The Teach| Learn: Student Created Content coursebook has been updated.  I’ll be sending a download link shortly, to those who’ve previously purchased. I took a few days and changed some layouts. Most importantly, went through all the hundreds of multi media links and made sure...


Teaching with a blank piece of paper

Even now, this late in the day, a blank sheet of paper holds the greatest excitement there is for me — more promising than a silver cloud, and prettier than a red wagon. – E.B. White I’ve just returned from “a return” to nature. Hiked...


World Peace Games

What is education? I just finished reading David Warlich’s 2cents worth blog and commenting. About making education purposeful. That’s what’s missing. Forget reform, change blablabla. Just get people together with a purpose. And what should that be? Well, I think it should be what John...


More about “getting out of the way”

The objective of education is learning. Or not even that, I’ll interject. More exactly, the true objective is “contentment”, a well adjusted individual. And the only way to reach this objective is to tap into the “feeling good about oneself” that is always there in...


For the video minded….Teach | Learn

Sorry to keep harping, but made this rather quickly and amateurishly but alas, it IS from the heart. A 4 min. review of the textbook I wrote. Here are the samples / links to view at your leisure.


Teachers helping Teachers

Sorry to keep returning to talk about my course book – Teach | Learn. However, I want to mention a few things and make a request. I put a lot of work into this book – mostly to prove a few things. A) A teacher...


Viva la (textbook) revolucion!

I’ve been, like I’m sure many other have, watching the ongoing events in the Middle East with sheer fascination. The power of normal people to say – “we aren’t going to take it anymore”. The invigorating energy given by technology to inform and empower the...


Teach | Learn example lesson

Last week I wrote about a forthcoming course book that I am publishing – Teach | Learn. It will be out next week but thought it would be interesting to some, to see a sample lesson and to get a few thoughts about the delivery...


Coming Soon

Teach – Learn is almost ready! It will be here soon and to be used and enjoyed instantly with students. 36 complete “student created content” lessons with an abundance of extra materials / blackline masters and clickable online lesson extensions / ideas.  Also, an online...


Simply the Best 10 – for any toolkit

There has been A LOT of consolidation online, over the last 7-8 years. Sites, tools have come and gone. The web can be a cruel marketplace and particularly so when it comes to tools that help teachers and get students learning/creating. There is so much...


The Future of Learning

I have written and pounded the pulpit long and hard on the issue of teachers “getting out of the way”.  Ranted and pleaded with teachers to be more inductive in their approach, more sandbox about the learning environment. No greater compliment to my own constructivist...


Textbook Talk – using SCC

I’m putting the finishing touches on my Teach – Learn:  Student Created Content coursebook. One of the basic principles (which are outlined in the book’s preface) is that the students practice language using language that comes from their own “selves”. The big textbook companies have...


Teach – Learn Coursebook coming soon….

In the new year, I’ll be offering for download/purchase my coursebook – Teach / Learn. It is the result of over 20 years of teaching and testing and based on a methodology that I’m convinced works. Works for teachers – they can focus on student’s...

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