autoktI’ve long been a fan of KT – Kinetic Typography, videos where the text is displayed in a “contextual” and visually appealing fashion. Find Here or many of my favs, all collected for teachers to use. This one is a beautiful example.

Made with Adobe Affect Effects, it isn’t for 99% of teachers, even the most techie. However, now someone has come out with a basic but cool generator. I like how minimalist it is and it could be used by students in the following way.

1. Copy / write text into the input box.
2. Press Go and see your KT video!
3. Change the text and spacing/lines as needed
4. Use to screencast and record this as a video after you press Go!
5. Post to the class page, share with classmates.

A simple but great way to motivate your students to learn English with the aid of technology! I can image students putting in their fav. song lyrics and then singing it accapella – after making the karaoke video.

Here’s my quick example I did in the same way for EnglishCentral(except I loaded it into my Videopad editor and put in a soundtrack).

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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