Getting students Speaking – CO2!

speakingAs a post-methodist (and not of the religious kind!!) I’m really big on getting students producing language and talking. CO2 is what I call it. Comprehensible Output for 2 people (communication). We all need to give our students more CO2 – forget the oxygen!

In that vein, I’ve promoted extensively both Voicethread and Voxopop. Two wonderful applications where students can go online and either prompted by the teacher or just joining in on others conversations, practice speaking. Send your students or go yourself to both our EFL Classroom Voicethread and EFL Classroom TALK GROUP Voxopop. Join our Voxopop group and collect your conversations there!

here is an example of a voicethread for Korea teachers. Scan parts of the M.S. or H.S. textbook. Put the pictures up on Voicethread and have students come and speak! Assess their speaking at your leisure, unrushed!

I recently taught a series of workshops on this. See the workshop material HERE. Very comprehensive with tutorial videos to watch and links, suggestions, examples.

Also see info. about using TAR HEEL READER – I’m holding workshops and having teachers make these books this week. The most satisfying technology training I’ve ever done! After an hour of book making and exploring, each teacher gets up and shares their book! They can bring the book back to their own class and share with students and also get their students making books.

IF you are really ambitious and want to spend $2 / month, you can get the EVOCA recorder. Put it on your school webpage and students can make recordings and send them to you! Easy as pie. Try it out by sending me a message to my email – Just put in the name of TEST! Please say hello and like your students – Get some CO2!




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