David Lynch’s Interview Project

There are a few constant questions I get from many people. One in particular is “So, what is the best place you’ve lived?” I’m always a bit puzzled by it and have to reply truthfully, “Anywhere there are good people”.

You see, teaching and also travel, is all about “people”. At least that’s what I’ve come to realize. The blessing of community and meeting a few others that really make you feel alive and wonderful, make you feel “true”. It’s not about a perfect paradise, a location, mountains or 350 days a year sunshine. It isn’t about the next toy, no pollution or clean streets. It is about people. That’s what interests me anyways and what I’ve learned in my few short years on this planet teaching and meeting so many people. And even in the seemingly most decrepit places, there are “good people”.

Project Interview by the “infamous” David Lynch is superb. Short interviews with “real people” as he and his team drive across America. Follow them on their map and get engrossed by these wonderful interviews. Not one fails – or didn’t with me.
I don’t know how you’d use it in class but it really offers some perfect authentic listening material. With this sparkling interview of Tommy Holliday – you might get the students to write his life timeline. In any case, you’ll be fascinated and addicted to these amazing interviews. Thanks David!

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