Watch TED and get invigorated!

I am writing to send out another echo, burp, scream, yelp, howl, whisper, warning, I love you, admonition, gaga-gogo – to all members about TED – Technology, Education and Design videos

The EFL Classroom 2.0 player is great and has been a source of solace for me. Never fails. When life gets too hectic, I pour a glass of wine, click TED and get blown away. Blown away mostly by the emotion of the speakers. Without a doubt, it is that passion for their ideas and interests that really hits me in the gut and moves me. Ah, the human condition!

So I’d ask all members, when the world really has you by the throat. Kids screaming, bills to pay, errands to run, students to help — when this all becomes too much. Pour yourself a glass of wine, click our player and listen to a random TED Talk. Surreal, it will make a difference to you.

For example – tonight I clicked and randomly played Jonathan Drori’s talk – 4 things we think we know but don’t.
Which got me thinking about how as educators we MUST do more to respond to children’s questions and not our own thought of what they want to know. Negotiate the syllabus. What interests THEM? Also got me thinking about two presentations I made – asking Teachers and then Students about the questions that mattered to them. What’s Worth Knowing. Ask your own students what they want to know….do it tomorrow! I also love his idea that students do better without teachers than with!!!!!! So much of teaching is reinforcing superstitions and wrong knowledge. It truly, truly IS.

Check out my fav. TED talks in this previous blog post. But really and truly, any one will do.
Remarkable People Unbelievable Talks, Free to the World

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