Using Zoom Words

Zoom Words is a pretty cool way to present vocabulary. It is super simple to use and probably even quicker to use than Wordle or Tagxedo. However, it is browser based and you’ll have to have a webpage/blog to embed your creation in (or just use your page here on EFL Classroom. See my example below but let me describe what I did to make it and how I’d use it.

1. Get a list
of vocabulary items or phrases you want the students to practice.

2. Go to Zoom Words
and select your colors (white background is best I think).

3. Input your words or phrases/sentences, one by one
. Click the “add to list” button each time.

4. Press “Copy the code”
and then embed on your blog/webpage (or here on EFL Classroom). I think “Posterous” is perfect for this sort of thing. HERE is my creation on Posterous. Tip: increase the width/height in the embed code if you wish.

5. Get students to talk
about the words/phrases that appear by giving them some target language on the board or on paper. For my example, I provided the simple phrase:

I think __________(s) is / are

That’s it – Zoom Words, a great vocabulary tool and way to present language for learning. A big Hat Tip to Ana Maria’s Life Feast blog for this.

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  1. How cool is that!!! Love it!


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