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illychI’ve been teaching a course to pre-service B.Ed. students – Schools and Education.   I basically have a lot of room to “do my thing” and really just get students to challenge their set values, beliefs and preconceptions about what is school and what is an “education”.  I can rant and rave but more often challenge them with questions that they find their own answer to.

I thought it would be useful to share some of the links I recommend to students through the blackboard we use (admittedly many are Canadian since that is where I teach). So here you go. Lots of great pickings to get your own brain, your own juices thinking differently about school and education. And we must, we must never become entrenched and cornered into a set idea, a set paradigm. Education itself is always moving, always changing. We need teachers who realize this and act with this in mind. Never stay still, keep moving ……..

General Reading

Freire – The Future of School

Freire – 4th Letter / Letter to my teacher. Qualities

Summerhill, O’Neill, Forward by Eric Fromm.

Teaching As A Subversive Activity, Postman and Weingarten.

After Deschooling, Ivan Illich

James Baldwin – A talk to teachers. Race.

Law: Myers vs Peel board of ed. Negligence.

Brown, A., Legal handbook for educators, 6th ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2009)

Watkinson, Education, Students rights and the charter. Chpt 5.

Negotiating power in the classroom: Briskin

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Teacher: Selected Writings.


Links/blogs/online references

Advice for teachers L.Ferlazzo list –

Mike Rose graduation speech –

How to prevent another da vinci –

Kyle. My education poem –

Cosby Speech –

Teacher Talk Best posts:

Ira Socol:

Uninspired Teacher –

Stephen Dowes

Joe Bower

Clay Burrell –

Larry Ferlazzo – Best advice to new teachers.


David Wees –

David Warlich – 2 cents worth –

George Couros – Princples of change –

Chris Wejr –


Social Networking

Can Educators on LinkedIn –

Canadian Educators on Twitter –!/davidwees/canadian-educator/members

Unplugged Cnd Educators –


The purpose of education: CBC roundtable.

John Taylor Gatto – Letter to my granddaughter. Unschooling.

What makes a great teacher? How to know?



Ken Robinson: Your Element

Benjamin Zander: Ted.

Viktor Frankl

Krashen: Poverty and education

Hall Dennis revisited.

TVO roundtable-one size fits all?

Yourvoice – Is school essential to your child’s learning?

Your Voice – The Classroom Mirror. Do schools reflect reality/diversity?

Africentric Schools? –

Finne Cherian: Best University lecturer Ontario – Reflections on Schooling. Unbinding baby elephants – reflections – lecture

TVO : What makes a great teacher. Roundtable.

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