ELT Professionals LinkedIn: Top Recent Discussions

We have a bang on, great, fantastic, superb group on LinkedIn. Dozens of conversations, hundreds of comments shared daily by teachers.

Here’s a summary of the most recent popular conversations. Great professional development and teacher sharing. See the full archive HERE.

Spring 2016

1. Teaching Young Learners   https://goo.gl/L6ufI6

2. How much personal info. do you share with students? – https://goo.gl/dnGF33

3. Do foreign teachers steal the jobs of locals? – https://goo.gl/cF9gOq

4. No Shoes. Will you try this in class? – https://goo.gl/N4IHj0

5. CELTA Extended Written Task –https://goo.gl/sofDW3

6. Assessment – Effort or Knowledge? – https://goo.gl/nivwTY

7.  Self Regulated Learning? – https://goo.gl/QrmcCc

8. Students expect a lecture but we do CLT. Why? – https://goo.gl/MWd0T7

9. What did you used to do but don’t anymore in class? – https://goo.gl/gLMNqp

10. What is your teaching style? –https://goo.gl/WsmwyK

11.  Coffin or casket?  What’s the diff? – https://goo.gl/ACnSqw

12. ESL vs EFL – https://goo.gl/0dKJlc

13. Considered to be vs Considered as – https://goo.gl/38VHTt

14. Good book on adult language acquisition – https://goo.gl/s3GafC

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