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On and Off (line) materials

Part of my job as a materials developer and consultant involves thinking through the role, purpose and process of combining online and offline learning. How do you link what physically happens in the class with what is possible online? Where are the borders? How to...

Let’s toss out technology and talk media

I’ve been following the various ELT blog posts on technology the past few months. Quite aghast at the level of a) fear about technology b) misconception about what “tech” is c) belief that technology is either good or bad. What I would propose is that...

Commercials in the EFL Classroom

I use commmericals a lot in my classes. For many reasons; 1. A clear, concise message. Great as context for language learning. 2. They are short! 3. They are hip. Cultural translatable and current. 4. Easy to spin off into other areas of learning. Great...

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