Our LinkedIn group is growing and there is a lot of sharing of ideas. A great place to do some summer professional development or to add your own thoughts. So here are some recent conversations of note with many comments and insights. Check them out!

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First Day Of Classes: http://linkd.in/Nlo8oS

What books or articles have most influenced your teaching?: http://linkd.in/Oo0AlZ

If you could change one thing about ELT, what would it be?: http://linkd.in/LxhdZc

Is phonics necessary to teach pronunciation?: http://linkd.in/MTNBYO

How many sounds are there in English? : http://linkd.in/O4uXdv

Should all teachers have a TEFL certificate?: http://linkd.in/LmJVQZ

What’s the best way to use pop songs?: http://linkd.in/O4xzbi

What qualities should an ideal foreign language teacher have?: http://linkd.in/Lxipf2

What will happen if a teacher is more of a comedian than a teacher?: http://linkd.in/Oo4XNU
Introduce yourself to the group: http://linkd.in/MTMQiu