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To Those Who Believe In Ideas


Contrary to what many think – it is not action, it is not money, it is not the vote which makes this world a better place. It is the interchange of ideas, the free flow of ideas. In light of the death of Aaron Schwartz, I’m glad others are looking deeply at the protectionist academic […]

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Why the “gatekeeping”?

Copyright and education – the necessity, the vital import of the free, unrestricted flow of information through the realm of education, has been a big concern and obsession of mine. See this post for some views, see my copyright tags, see my own “Captive Mind” series. It is so important to not “possess” or appropriate […]

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The 4 Freedoms – Richard Stallman

I’ve written quite a bit here about copyright and control of knowledge through larger entities. One place to start is my “Captive Mind” series. ┬áMy attempt to publish my own previously published work and to stop institutions from having for perpetuity, control over knowledge. Finally, some good news on this front. Princeton University has brought […]

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Viva la (textbook) revolucion!

I’ve been, like I’m sure many other have, watching the ongoing events in the Middle East with sheer fascination. The power of normal people to say – “we aren’t going to take it anymore”. The invigorating energy given by technology to inform and empower the powerless. Havel would be so proud these days – something […]

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Food for Thought

Recently, S. Korea announced that despite all the hostilities and tension with N. Korea, they would deliver food aid to the flood ravaged nation. (see AP article here.) This got me thinking about my own views on food and then knowledge. You see, I’ve always, always, always been adamant that food isn’t something one owns. […]

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More on “The Captive Mind”

Please read the original post for backdrop to this “video” blog entry. Sorry for the spontaneity, but I like to do this without any retakes and make it “real”. Here it is ….

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The Captive Mind …..

I grew up on a farm, always outside, always with dirt under my finger nails and a pulse that mistrusted intellectuals. Pencil pushers we called them. This despite the fact I always had my head in a book when time would be so kind, this despite my own “airs” and pseudo intellectual pretensions. As I […]

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Cut, Snip and Paste – Reality can’t be copyrighted!


This weekend, I set eyes upon some glorious writing – Texts without Contexts by Michiko Kakutani. Thank god for fearless and perfecting critics such as her! Few really like her but I think she is brilliant with a capital B and in this latest piece, she reviews so much about the paradigm shift that is […]

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Teachers selling their knowledge – A Parable

There is a discussion within the online teaching community world wide because of THIS recent N.Y. Times article about teachers selling their lesson plans/materials and making $$$. May the Best Teacher Win is a great response and correctly suggests we are asking the wrong questions. If interested further – read all the varying viewpoints on […]

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