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Please read the original post for backdrop to this “video” blog entry. Sorry for the spontaneity, but I like to do this without any retakes and make it “real”. Here it is ….

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  1. Hi David,

    Bit of serendipity here – just had a similar experience to yours chasing up an article about ESL writing and correction methodology in the TESOl Quarterly Journal. I stopped subscribing to this journal (and the one you mention here) a while ago, and several others as well. You’re right – contributors to these journals are not paid, but by getting published regularly, they keep their ‘TEFL/TESOL currency’ chugging along and meet their professorial quotas. Despite the prices quoted for journals, publishers aren’t actually making all that much money from them – but cost/profit are in the eye of the beholder.

    It’s ridiculous. Something’s got to be done about it? We’re already doing something about it.

    All of us.

    Academics and publishers, on the one hand, sticking to this format are restricting themselves to a little circle of what might be considered ‘haves.’

    The rest of us are creating a much larger circle, with no locks on doors (just welcome signs), and it’s a damn side warmer and more congenial there. Despite the fact many of us are shut out of the former smaller circle, ours is still always open to them.

    Doesn’t make me angry, actually. This is evolution, and I don’t feel like I’m part of the crowd that is failing to evolve.



    – Jason

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