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teaching recipes

I’ve long been a fan of very simple teaching ideas – the basic core of all good teaching. My Lessons in a Can are part of that. Now however, we’ve got a new Web 2.0 resource which you can be a part of – Teaching Recipes.

The idea I came up with is to have a very basic site where teachers can share their lesson ideas. Just small notes to help other new or newer or just wanting to be re”newed” teachers. A place where you can easily search and get an idea and find inspiration. You can get the rss feed here on EFL Classroom – it’s in the right column and will show you the new and up to the minute recipes shared by teachers.

Dmitry, a fellow EFL Classroom 2.0 member helped me realize this. Please visit his page and say thank you! Or even check out his personal site. He is a teacher in the trenches who also is tech saavy and has a computer science background. A boon for us online language teachers! Thanks Dmitry.

Please visit Teaching Recipes and share your own delicious recipe!
I’ll be seeding it with all the best ideas in my own brain and I urge you too, to help me build a better TEFL universe. Comment here on what you like, don’t like about Teaching Recipes, I’m looking forward to your comments and thoughts. Get cookin’!

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