12 To Dos for Student learning English

It isn’t easy learning a language. I’ve learned 3 of them and had success in 3 completely different ways! I’m going to work on a fourth and probably will stumble along with a 4th method.

What this means is “to each his own”.  We have to find what works for us.  However, along the way, I’ve stumbled upon a few “key” ideas, almost secrets – so obvious as to be blind to many. Here they are in one nice presentation to motivate all you language learners!

Let me know what you think and what worked for you as a language learner. Which tip do you feel is the strongest?

TEACHERS? Who Needs Them?

Please see my Top Websites which complements this presentation!

I also really like this presentation. Excellent overview of why so many traditional language learning approaches DON’T work!

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