teachingvillageI’m a true blue believer in “sharing”. Not just resources but also our own teaching ideas and experience. We all have something to share and add to the benefit of the wider community. Praxis > informed action or as I see it, “walking the talk” is especially important.

In that vein, I’ve supported from the start, Barbara Sakamoto’s collaborative blog, Teaching Village. Please see my 3 guest posts there, all on good teaching practices.

An old dog and new tricks: Part 1 – about the need to develop professionally. Part 2 on the use of repetition in lesson planning and delivery.

The Small Things Count – some micro teaching skills explained.

Thank you Barbara for your wonderful initiative. Let’s have more guest blog posts and I urge all educators to post up a guest blog on EFL Classroom 2.0 . We have thousands of visitors each day that really would benefit from your teaching thoughts and sharing….