The #1 …. (creative writing site online for language students)

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.


Without a doubt. It features beautiful illustrations which students choose to create a “story bird” or book. Sharable, beautiful, motivating – they really, really unleash the creativity and language of students. It is the ultimate story writing site.

I use this with my Materials Development students and with many other technology oriented courses. Always, what the students come up with amazes me. Further, the students are always inspired to the nines by their “creation”. And this is so important to mention – the notion of an end product. Language is so ephemeral and it disappears as soon as it is born. Storybooks or birds, give students tangible evidence of their learning (and also give parents that evidence!).

See our discussion about Storybird and many fine examples. Also, this blog post about using plain old fashioned storybook making activities with your students.

Here’s a nice example of a Storybird created by one of my former students. Luv it!

I wish… by eflclassroom20 on Storybird

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