Gifs: The Perfect Language Learning Object

larrymonkOver the years, I’ve turned into a bit of a “gif” guru. They are a fascinating material for any course designer or materials developer.

Gif Lingua and Gif Lingua Books offer a gif “corpus” where gifs are tagged and learners learn over 50,000 words of English through gifs – these amazing “ideographs”.

Yesterday, I presented at the Virtual Round Table, my ideas why Gifs make sure powerful materials for designing lessons and in support of student learning. I’ll post up the recording shortly. In the months to come, you’ll hear much more about my ideas, both in words and deed.

Here’s  my presentation. Download to see the Gifs in action. I’ll write a post outlining the pedagogical reasons in support of Gifs shortly.

In the meantime, join Gif Lingua as a teacher – copy, write, translate gif books. Make favorite pages and share that page with students who can read and study the books you choose. Go gif!!!!

Teachers can also get more tips for using gifs through my 50 ways to use images a list.  I also think this article is sterling – about the history of Gifs.  Also see all my related Gif booksmarks and sources.

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  1. Barry O'Leary says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks for the info. I use a lot of images in class and love using google to type new vocab plus “funny” to get memorable images for class. Thanks for the info. Barry. Have you got a way of subscribing to future posts?

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